Three Things You Can Do With Your Old Wooden Residential Garage Doors

Posted on: 27 February 2017


Wooden residential garage doors are very attractive and distinct. They hearken back to an earlier time when everything was wood and garage doors were actually carriage house doors. However, if your wooden garage doors have had all the restoration and salvaging they can manage, it may be time to call it quits. Take them down, replace them with a modern door, and then do one of the following with the wooden doors.

Use Them for Decoration 

Old doors make interesting conversation pieces in the garden. You could use at least one vertical door to create a sort of focal point. You could also take an entire old horizontal garage door, turn it on its side, and create a privacy screen in one little corner of your yard. If you want to move these doors indoors for decoration, be sure you have enough room before mounting them to a wall or finding a way to make them stand up. You may even have a few decorative ideas of your own, if you put a little creativity into it.

Bust Them up For Kindling

Since they are made out of wood, you can bust those worn-out, wooden garage doors up for kindling. Store the kindling in a dry place where beasts will not gnaw on it and rain, snow, and ice will not cause it to rot further. Then you can use it for campfires when camping, outdoor fire pits on your property, and even your fireplace, if your home has one. If you so choose, you could sell bundles of your newly-made kindling to others who want it.

Donate Them to a Home Restoration Charity

Home restoration charities frequently take donations of old windows, doors, siding, roofing materials, wood, brick, tools, etc. They rebuild damaged and decaying homes from these materials at little to no cost to the homeowners. While you may not be able to get much life out of your old wooden garage doors, these people have a few tricks up their sleeves that would make the doors like new again while providing a cheap solution to those in need.

If nothing else, the charity can pare down the wooden garage doors into reusable wooden planks taken from the best parts of the doors. Then they would use those planks for home construction and reconstruction projects in and around your community. What is more, you may get a tax donation/write-off slip.