A Guide to Garage Door Storm Proofing

Posted on: 28 February 2017


Storm proofing is an important part of full-home protection, and your garage door is an especially vulnerable place. The garage door is unattached to the rest of your home's structure, so it has less of a foundation to rely on when there are high winds. If you are considering getting your garage door storm proofed, here are some things to note.

Storm Proofing Might Be Required

In some areas, your local regulations might require the storm proofing on you door to have a rating for winds at certain miles per hour. If you suspect that your area is one of them, be sure that you check on these requirements before you choose a garage door system. However, even when not required, storm proofing is a good idea because it can reduce the effects of natural disasters and erosion on your garage door.

Use Ratings to Measure Storm Proofing

Storm proof ratings typically come in the form of miles per hour of wind that they can withstand. On newer doors, this is often written in the specifications of the garage door.

Several Different Systems Promote Storm Readiness

Finally, there are many ways to storm proof your door when you decide to get this service done. One of those is to install a storm door. That doesn't require you to install a different main garage door. Your storm door can be a separate door that you only put down when there is inclement weather, so you don't have to worry about aesthetics for your door and can focus on its strength.

Another option is to use a fabric cover over the door. It uses a velcro system to cover over the door and add a weatherproof layer to the garage.

You could also consider installing braces on your door. Bracing is a good idea if the garage door you have is already a strong material, but it could use some help in bracing against high winds. But getting a garage door in steel or aluminum may provide some storm protection in and of itself.

Each of these has its own indications for how much the job will cost, how strong it will be, and how it looks; consult your residential garage door repair team for options. Pre-made storm door options are available for storm doors and fabric covers, but bracing needs to be fitted directly to your door by a garage door technician.