Basic Tips For Performing Maintenance Checks On Your Garage

Posted on: 1 March 2017


Although the garage door is separate from the main house, there are still regular maintenance checks you should perform to keep it working correctly. The door to the garage moves easily because of the springs and pulley mechanisms, but these can malfunction if the door isn't well lubricated or has dirt in the tracking unit. The information provided below offers some tips on how to  perform maintenance checks on your garage door so that you know if you need repairs through a place like Garage Doors Of Naples Inc.

Lubrication For Your Garage Door

If you notice that your garage is making annoying squeaky sounds, then it's possible that the tracks are rubbing together and creating friction. This is because the lubricant has started to dry up. When this happens, you should have the tracks, chains, rollers and hinges lubricated with a lithium or silicone spray.

Track Cleansing For Your Garage Door

Typically, lubricating the tracks and other mechanisms will fix the noise issue with your garage doors. However, it's possible that lubrication may not be the cause of the grinding noise coming from your garage door. If your garage is still making noise, you should clean the tracks of all dirt and debris. This will prevent your rollers, springs and bearings from failing. Just take a damp cloth and wipe the tracks down. However, in order to get rid of sticky residue, you may need to use a solvent metal cleaner.

Replacing Weather Seals On Your Garage Door

The soft rubber or plastic strips located on the bottom and the sides of your garage door are the weather seals. The purpose of the weather seals is to ensure as the garage closes, it seals the bottom of the door to the garage floor to protect the inside from extreme weather elements. However, it's possible that the weather seals can become worn and start to unravel. When this happens, the weather seals can slide off and be replaced with another seal by sliding it into the slot.

Realigning Your Garage Door Sensors

In order for your garage door to operate correctly, there are sensors in the panels that detect when the garage door is open or closed. However, if the sensors are not aligned correctly, this will prevent the garage door from functioning correctly. In addition, it could become a safety concern because the door will no longer recognize if something or someone is in the way of the door closing properly. For instance, if you have a bicycle blocking the garage door, it will not close, but if the sensors are unaligned, it's possible that the door will fall down on the bicycle. The sensors can be adjusted by maneuvering them back into their original position.

If you are uncertain on how to perform maintenance checks on your garage door, consider consulting with a garage contractor.