3 Factors To Consider Before Choosing An Aircraft Hangar

Posted on: 11 December 2017


If you've just purchased a plane, you'll need a place to put it. Aircraft hangars provide a safe location and can be fitted with many important features. Do your research and consider these aspects, so you choose a hangar that works out long-term. 


You unfortunately can't just put an aircraft hangar anywhere you like, as there are federal regulations you have to abide by. Probably the easiest option is to lease out a hangar located at an airstrip. These spaces offer plenty of room not just for your hangar, but for parking, landing strips, any many other essentials you'll need when owning a plane. 

If you plan on building a hangar on private property, you need to check with the FAA, Federal Aviation Administration. This organization has specific dimension and safety requirements that your hangar needs to meet before you can begin construction. You must also submit the necessary forms to this agency. 

Pre-Engineered vs. Custom 

You can choose between two different design options for your aircraft hangar: pre-engineered and custom. The former option is ideal if you're looking for a hangar with standard dimensions. Since these hangars are already built, you can immediately set them up on the FAA-approved area that you have designated. These hangars are also a little more affordable, which is ideal if you're on a tight budget.

With custom hangars, though, you have unlimited design options to consider. They generally cost more, but you can customize their dimensions to fit virtually any area you're renting out or have purchased. There are plenty of custom hangar plans you can access as well, giving you some direction when first starting to build. 

Door Type

Just like residential garage doors, aircraft hangar doors come in many different styles. Some of the most popular include sliding doors, hydraulic doors, bi-folding doors, and folding fabric doors. 

Hydraulic hangar doors are advantageous because they operate via an electric motor, which offers smooth operation when entering and exiting the hangar. Sliding doors are one of the most affordable options today, are sturdy, and require very little maintenance. 

Like hydraulic doors, bi-folding doors can be equipped with an electric motor. They are also extremely dependable to use over the years. 

You've selected the perfect plane, and now all you need to do is select a hangar to store it in. Not all airplane hangars are alike. The trick is to research different models and choose a hangar that best protects your particular type of plane.