Simple Reasons Your Garage Door Is Not Working

Posted on: 22 June 2018


Does your home have a garage? If so, it is possible that you may encounter a malfunctioning garage door at some point. Garage door inspection services are one way to reduce the chances of encountering this issue. When homeowners neglect routine inspections and garage door repairs, they put themselves at risk for damages to their doors. This can be a major inconvenience depending on the type of garage door that is installed. Some individuals panic when their garage doors do not work. However, sometimes there are simple issues that cause this phenomenon. The following are examples of reasons your garage door might not open.

Keypad Issues

The keypad to your garage door can get out of sync for a number of reasons. The issue is that when it gets out of sync, the door will not be functional until the keypad is reprogrammed. Consulting the owner's manual for the door can be beneficial to resetting the keypad. However, if you do not have the manual, it may be wise to contact a garage door repair services company to rest the keypad.

Remote Issues

Many garage door issues are related to the remotes that control the doors. One issue is that the batteries may need to be changed. Remotes may also need to be reprogrammed in order for them to resume working. Frequency issues with garage door remotes can also result in them not working. Sometimes frequency issues are related to remotes being out of range. However, this issue can also be caused when remotes need to be replaced or reprogrammed. 

Lock Code Enabled

Imagine coming home after a long day of work and forgetting that you have the lock code enabled on your garage door. This can induce panic, which is why it is a wise idea to try your lock code if you have one and cannot get your door to work. 

Cables or Springs Issues

Routine inspections will aid in ensuring that cables and springs are replaced in a timely manner. This will effectively help you to avoid the potential disasters that can occur when these components of your garage door need to be replaced. Examples of potential consequences are bodily injuries and damages to vehicles. 

A garage door repair services company is a good resource to use to learn more about garage door maintenance. They can also explain the importance of routine maintenance and how it can keep your home safe and help you avoid inconveniences.