3 Garage Door Trends To Consider In 2018

Posted on: 24 October 2018


From storing your belongings and parking your vehicles to enhancing your home's overall curb appeal and value, the garage door is an imperative part of your home. Unfortunately, these doors take a great deal of abuse over time, so replacing them will be necessary at one point in time. You do have the option of replacing the old door with a new version that offers a similar style and look. However, choosing a trendier option can add style and appeal to your home with ease. Here are a few garage door trends to consider in 2018.

Wood, Faux Wood

If you want a natural or rustic look for your home's exterior, opt for a wood or faux wood garage door. Even though both offer this natural look, there are pros and cons to each option.

Wood is incredibly durable, but it requires a great deal of maintenance. Since moisture and pests can be problems for wood, your wood door will need to be cleaned, stained, and sealed regularly.

Faux wood doors are made out of composite, which offers the rustic look of natural wood without the risk of moisture, decay, and pest infestations. Composite materials do not require staining or painting, so there is a lot less maintenance with these faux wood doors.

Real wood garage doors are also heavier than faux wood doors made out of composite, so connecting an automatic opener system to these heavier doors can be challenging.

Finally, solid wood doors are more expensive than the faux wood composite doors. Therefore, if budget is an issue, faux wood doors may be a better investment.


A solid piece of wood or metal may be sufficient for your garage door, but windows can help make the door more appealing while allowing natural light into your garage space.

Today, more and more homeowners and builders are opting for garage doors with numerous windows. Windows can be incorporated in the top of the garage door, letting a small amount of natural light into the space. Or, you can choose a garage door filled with windows for a more contemporary look that works well with modern homes.


Another popular trend many people are considering is the color black for the garage doors.

Black is a color that never seems to go out of style, so it is a great option for accenting the garage of your home.

If you do choose the bold look of black for your garage doors, consider painting the trim of your home's exterior in the same shade of black to add even more texture and appeal to your home. Contact a garage door installation service for more help.