Advantages And Disadvantages Of Installing Automatic Garage Doors

Posted on: 21 December 2018


Are you tired of manually opening your garage door each time you enter or leave the garage? Perhaps you're suffering from a physical ailment that doesn't allow you to work the door without help. Or maybe you just want a more convenient option in colder months. If any of this applies to you, it may be time to consider installing an garage door. However, due to budget and other things, it may not be the best fit for everyone. This guide goes over the advantages and disadvantages of having an automatic garage door, so you can make an informed decision before you make the change.


  • Convenient

As mentioned, one of the biggest advantages of owning automatic doors is convenience. If you live in a place that experiences harsh weather like snow or rain, it's nice to enter the garage and leave the car without exposing yourself to the elements.

  • Physical Aspect

People who suffer from physical issues may have harder times lifting and pulling the garage door. Instead of straining and hurting yourself, you can just press a button and the garage door will open and shut.

  • Features

Due to the advancement of technology, garage doors these days have a lot of neat features. One of these is being able to control the doors using a smartphone app. You can work the function from the inside of your home, easily letting your child inside to store their bikes or toys. You can check the status of the door if you are away from home and worried you forgot to close it.


  • Maintenance

The maintenance of an automatic door is considerably more than a manual door. There is a lot more that goes into making the door function, like the motor and power supplies. If something fails, the entire door may not work until its repaired. Unless you know how to troubleshoot it, you will be facing repair bills which could get quite high depending on the issue.

  • Budget

The cost to install and purchase an automatic door is pretty high, even with the cheaper models. It can get even higher with each door that you need. You may find it difficult to work it into your budget. However, it may be worth the investment if you benefit from having it.

  • Electrical Outages

Another downside to owning this type of door is the fact that there could be an electrical outage which means it wouldn't work properly. This could mean your car is stuck inside or outside of the garage and be highly inconvenient in most situations.


Should you decide that you want an automatic garage door, you can contact a company in your area that specializes in garage doors. They will show you the options they have available and what to expect for the cost.