Improve Your Customer Experience With Commercial Garage Door Services

Posted on: 8 October 2019


When you work with the public, you want your physical building to be in good shape. Whether you own a tire service for car owners, or you are in the business of self-storage facilities, it's necessary to keep your building properly maintained. When customers come to store their belongings in your self-storage facility and the garage door opens automatically, you want to make sure that this always works to keep everyone safe. From security risks to issues with people getting hurt from a malfunctioning garage door, you need to get services in place that keep your garage doors in good working order. Protect yourself and those that do business with you when you invest in commercial garage doors.

Protection from the Elements

The commercial garage doors on your property protect what is inside from the elements. If you have customers drive up to your commercial garage doors and they automatically open, you want to make sure that they open all the way without a problem. Once the driver is inside your building, it's also important that they are able to leave once they are done doing business. If they are in the building under cover in order to unload into a self-storage unit, or getting work done on their car, they need to be able to leave safely.

Problems With Your Garage Door

Commercial garage doors are heavy. Tension springs help with the weight of the door, making it easier on the opener to open and close the door. If you see the door shut even a few inches when it is all the way open, the tension springs can be loose. If a tension spring suddenly breaks, this is going to cause the heavy, open door to slam shut. If you notice a door is suddenly opening slowly, you will need to call for an emergency repair to make sure you and your customers stay safe.

Customers want to know that you take good care of your property. If your garage door is squealing while it is opening, or it is difficult to get your garage door to open and close, customers are going to notice. If you hear strange noises, or your door isn't opening like normal, commercial garage door services are necessary. Don't wait to see if the problem goes away, as any issue with your commercial garage door can cause a safety hazard for your customers.