Add RV Storage To Your Garage

Posted on: 26 July 2022


Before you finalize plans for the construction of your new garage, it's important to think carefully about how you want this structure to look and what functionality you need it to provide. You may not want to perform upgrades or renovations to your garage in the future, so choosing the right design now will be beneficial. If you own an RV or plan to buy an RV in a few more years, you may wish to think about this type of vehicle when you design your new garage. A garage that has space for an RV should have the following things. 

Taller Door

A standard RV won't fit through a conventional roll-up garage door, so you'll want your garage to feature one door that is tall enough to accommodate an RV. People often design their garages with an RV bay at one end. For example, you might have two standard garage doors in the middle of the structure and a tall door to either side of the pair of doors. RVs come in several different heights, so if you haven't yet bought your vehicle, it's a good idea to at least decide the class of RV you wish to buy so that you can be sure to have the right height of door.

Extra Depth

Some RVs are extremely long, and you want to have enough room to not only park this vehicle in the garage but to also be able to walk around it without awkwardly squeezing between the bumper and the garage wall. You'll want to choose a garage that has extra depth. You might decide to have the entire garage as deep as is required to park an RV, but you can alternatively just have one part of the garage deeper than the rest of the structure.

Ample Storage

When you own an RV, you likely also own a large volume of gear and accessories that relate to this vehicle. While you can store a lot of these things in the RV when it's parked in your garage, doing so may not always be possible with certain items. Given your extra storage needs, you'll want to ensure that your garage has ample storage space to tidily hold any RV-related products. This can be important to prevent your new garage from feeling cluttered. To learn more about a garage that provides storage for an RV, contact a local garage building service, such as Affordable  Garages.