Installing A Garage Door Opener On Your Residential Garage Door

Posted on: 31 January 2023

Garage doors are heavy and hard to open and close unless they are adjusted perfectly. To help manage the weight and make the doors easier to move, many homeowners use garage door openers on their doors. However, getting the right one is essential when considering openers for your residential garage.  Power Rating  Choosing garage door openers for your home starts with getting openers strong enough to lift the doors without straining the electric motor.
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Common Issues With Your Garage Door That Require Service

Posted on: 29 September 2022

Your garage door can work great one minute and have problems the next. If you find yourself stuck with a garage door that won't open, it's important to get your garage door system checked out to see what is going on. Problems with the tension springs, a power outage, or issues with debris in the tracks can all make it difficult for your garage door to open. If your door is moving slowly, or it suddenly changes directions mid-movement, you will want to have your garage door serviced.
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Add RV Storage To Your Garage

Posted on: 26 July 2022

Before you finalize plans for the construction of your new garage, it's important to think carefully about how you want this structure to look and what functionality you need it to provide. You may not want to perform upgrades or renovations to your garage in the future, so choosing the right design now will be beneficial. If you own an RV or plan to buy an RV in a few more years, you may wish to think about this type of vehicle when you design your new garage.
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The Frustrating Garage Door: Why Is It Closing So Abruptly?

Posted on: 12 April 2022

A garage door connected to an opener should close gently, landing on the ground with enough force to make complete contact without slamming or causing the door to bounce slightly. However, it's not uncommon to one day close your garage door and find it hitting the ground with more force than you think it should. There are a few causes that could be behind that, and which one you start looking at first depends on how long you've had the door.
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